Everyday colour

These are planted outside the front door and are a great welcome home, especially with summer’s rather half hearted arrival…

(the colours in this are about accurate, no saturation boost etc!)

A Little Snow

Everyone knows there was snow in the UK over the past 3 days…

While we had some last year, it was nothing like as deep or powdery as on Sunday, and we didn’t have Snoop (our rescue Greyhound) then – so we spent a lot of time out in it yesterday and shot this:

Panorama of a snow scene in Red Lodge

Down in the old gravel lakes in the local nature reserve – pools of pristine snow hidden in the centre of a forrest – every sound was muffled apart from the crunching underneath our feet (and paws). Weekends are never long enough.

Photo 3 - The Verge Collection

The Verge Collection

These shots were taken for an exhibition where I work. I titled the set “The Verge Collection” as all of them were collected from the roadside on the way back from the station one evening.
Photo 3 - The Verge Collection
Photo 4 - The Verge Collection
Thistle - The Verge Collection
Grass seed - The Verge Collection

photography by phil banks